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A few of the awards AccuChef has received

AccuChef is currently in use by thousands of individual users all over the world.  In addition it's being used by hundreds of professional chefs & restaurants, several  camps, caterers, correctional facilities and at least one Governor's mansion that we know of!  If you have an unusual application of AccuChef, email us and let us know!  support@accuchef.com

Rated 5 Stars (HIGHEST) by: Qweas.com

Rated 5 Stars (HIGHEST) by: Softs Land

Rated 5 Stars (HIGHEST) by: TomDownload.com

Rated 5 Stars (HIGHEST) by: Hot-Shareware.com

SoftPedia Certified: SoftPedia.com

Rated 5 Stars (HIGHEST) by: JQML.COM

Rated 5 Stars (HIGHEST) by: downloadatoz.com

Featured in PC World

Rated 6 Stars (HIGHEST) by: Softlookup.com.com

Golden Acorn Award Winner from: FreeFunFiles.com

Rated 5 Stars (HIGHEST) by: Adlenterprises

Rated "Editor’s Choice" by: SoftDepia.com

"...a full featured recipe organizer..."

Rated 5 Stars (HIGHEST) by: ZDNet (Ziff-Davis)

"This Windows application is a remarkable resource for the home and institutional chef.  AccuChef features a comprehensive and customizable database of recipes and ingredients.  However this is not your ordinary cookbook...  ...AccuChef truly has it all, for the advanced and beginning cooks alike..."

Rated 5 smileys (HIGHEST) by RocketDownload.com

"This is a simple, multifunctional program that helps you to be a more confident and prolific chef. The nutritional analyzer with updatable content from the USDA, multilingual support, and the recipe resizing
feature make this cooking program a pick above the rest."

Rated a pick by Download.com (CNET)

"...a program you have to have."

Rated 5 gold stars (HIGHEST) in all five categories by SharewareJunkies.com! (when it was still PC-RecipeBox)

Rated 5 stars by 5 Star Shareware (of course)

"An outstanding application for managing recipes in Windows..."

Rated a MUST HAVE (HIGHEST) by the WinAppsList shareware library

Rated 5 Stars (HIGHEST) by Pass the Shareware


Rated "Most Popular" and "Recommended" by XKEE.com

Rated "Out of this World!" by
BOOT IT Software Reviews

Rated "5 Stars" by freshshare.com

Some User Feedback...
"Thanks so much for the prompt reply. Let me say, your software is phenomenal.
I can find no other on the market that meets my requirements to the extent yours does.
And obviously, you back it up with exceptional
customer support."

Ron Jackson
"I am absolutely thrilled with the new (Import Wizard) import technique.
I tried it out tonight and it worked perfectly, and the learning curve was not
so bad either. All the prompts in the Import Wizard made it very simple."

Hal Davis
"We raised over $1,500 in contributions for our church group with a cookbook
we produced using AccuChef, thanks!"

Barbara Houghton
"The best keeps getting better! Thanks for listening to your users
and continuing to add the features we want."

Steve Kowolski
"AccuChef helped me organize the stacks of recipes I inherited from
my Mom. I was able to print out a cookbook that I gave to the whole
family. Thanks for helping me create an heirloom!"

Cynthia Johnson
"Of the four programs I checked out AccuChef was the only one
that I could use right away without having to read the Help files."

Mary Karlick
"Finally, someone gets it! I don't want thirty meg of *!##@*! cluttering
up my hard drive, just an easy, straightforward program to help me
organize my recipes."

Tom Brown
"In order to get my shopping lists to print out in store aisle order using 'Now You're
Cooking' I had to enter an aisle number for each ingredient for every store that I shop
in (no thanks!). AccuChef's aisle by category concept makes entering and
mantaining store info a breeze THANKS!"

Julie May
"The Rich Text Format support in the preparations text makes it easy to print
out recipes for our kitchen staff in the format required by our head office."

Lionel Anderson
"I tried several shareware and commercial products including MasterCook, Recipe Wizard
and others. AccuChef was the easiest to use with the best balance of features. Love the print
preview, spell checker, shopping list and best of all being able to design my own output!"

Lisa Boone
"I've been looking for years for a Windows program to replace my trusty Meal-Master.
Finally found it in AccuChef, THANKS!"

Sandra Gibson
"Thank you for creating such an awesome and AFFORDABLE program. I am also very
impressed with your customer support."

Sheila Drummond
"..awesome, you have left bloatware programs like MasterCook in the dust. Lightning
fast and totally intuitive."

Mary Williamson
"..been looking for several years for a program to
enter my stacks of recipes without a lot of hassle!"

Margaret Kish
"I looked at others, but yours seemed to be the most straightforward and usable."

Becky Miller
"..have[commercial program] Suite - I find yours much easier to use."
William Mills
"Just wanted a good but easy program, I like yours best."

Dr. William E. Martin
"I love how you've integrated the grocery store manager with the recipes! Thanks!"

Jeanine Schweinberg
"This is a very good program. I evaluated it against other shareware programs
and a commercial program."

Marvin F. Fredricks
"Wonderful program - so easy to use!!"

Chaun Santoriello
"Easiest recipe software I have used!"

Rosemary Sidebottom

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