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The Browser

The browser makes it easy to navigate through your recipes by allowing you to move around quickly in a number of ways. You can use the PgUp and PgDn keys to scroll through your recipes one page at a time.  You can click on the speed tabs along the bottom of the browser to jump to the first recipe that begins with the letter clicked, or you can also type in a "jump string". If you press the "F" key it will jump to the first recipe that starts with "F". If you then press an "L" it will jump to the first recipe that starts with "FL" etc.

AccuChef can handle over two billion recipes in each cookbook file and you can have as many cookbook files as you want!  The PKZIP/WINZIP compatible compression engine that AccuChef uses is built in, not just called like some other cooking software.  This means that you can set it up to transparently ZIP and UNZIP your cookbook files as you move between them, saving TONS of hard drive space.  A typical cookbook file containing 620 recipes would normally use about 2 meg of hard drive space.  The same cookbook file zipped would take up less than 330K, a savings of over 80%!

AccuChef also makes it easy to find recipes.  When you click on the find or filter speed buttons you can enter search criteria into any field or combination of fields, even the preparations text! Find all of the recipes that contain Eggs and Cheese for example, or say you have some leftover Roast Beef and want to find a new recipe to use it up. Find will stop on the first recipe that meets your selection criteria, you can then press the F3 key to find the next occurrence. A filter search will scan through the entire cookbook and then display only the recipes that meet your selection criteria. In addition, you can search for recipes in all of your cookbook files, not just the current one.  AccuChef will even use its built in PKZIP/WINZIP compatible compression engine to search through your ZIPPED cookbook files! 

The Browser

The Editor

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