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Recipe Resource Page
You can search the any of the several sites listed below. When you find a recipe, highlight it (by dragging the mouse from the top of the recipe to the bottom while holding down the left button), press Ctrl+C, then switch to AccuChef and click on the Import Wizard speedbutton (or shift+Ins) to paste it into AccuChef! (Make sure that there is only one ingredient per line prior to highlighting the ingredients. If there is more then one per line, just move to the end of the first one and press the Enter key. Repeat as necessary.)
Recipe Resource
Food Network

OR here are a few thousand Meal-Master formatted recipes that you can download and import into AccuChef.

Directions for downloading: Just click on the name of the file you want to download. When Windows asks where you want to download it,  choose a folder on your computer (make sure you remember where it's downloading it to so you can find it later when you import it).  Start up AccuChef and either open the cookbook file you want to import the recipes into or create a new cookbook. Choose Import from the File menu and select the file you just downloaded.  If the ZIP file contains more than one file select the one that contains the recipes (usually has no extension or a MMF extension). AccuChef will then import the recipes into the cookbook!  Remember: With AccuChef, there is no need to UNZIP the files first, just point to the ZIP file as the import file.  AccuChef will use its built in PKZIP engine to unzip the file and import it (it's not just called like other recipe programs)!

apetizer.zip (281K) 831 appetizer recipes, from "Antipasto" to "Zucchini Fritters".
dips.zip (3K) 9 Different dips & spreads...
chickwng.zip (23K) 67 different things to do with wings...

brisket.zip (26K) 56 different beef brisket recipes
filetmig.zip (3.8K) 7 Filet Mignon (beef tenderloin) recipes
flank.zip (28K) 74 fantastic flank steak recipes
potroast.zip (45K) 108 ways to make your house smell like home again

breads.zip (108K) 442 (mostly bread machine) recipes
mmbread.zip (8K) 25 different sourdough recipes (including 6 starter recipes)

casserol.zip (264K) 753 covered dish recipes (I noticed that the text in some of these are messed up but there are still lots of good ones available)

crockpot.zip (145K) 462 recipes for your slow cooker

biscotti.zip (5k) 8 different Biscotti recipes to dunk in your coffee...
cakes02.zip (217K) 545 (yes, over 500) cake recipes including the famous 30 day Friendship Cake.
ccakes.zip (8K) 15 different chocolate cake recipes "Black Magic Cake" to "Zucchini Chocolate".
choclate.zip (281K) 826 recipes for candies, cakes, cookies and pies for chocolate lovers.
mmice.zip (27K) 92 frigid recipes for the ice cream lover

diab722.zip (226K) 722 diabetic recipes
diabetic.zip (303K) 930 diabetic recipes

mmdrinks.zip (29K)  100 different nonalcoholic drinks for kids and adults.
cocktail.zip (112k)  over 2300 different cocktails (not for the kids!!)

cajun.zip (119K) 339 recipes with a creole slant
canada.zip (44K) 95 from the land of the Maple Leaf
english.zip (13K) 22 recipes from the island  including "Toad in the Hole" and "Steak and Kidney Pie".
ethiopia.zip (7.2K) 24 Ethiopian favorites...
german.zip (35K) 110 German recipes (in two different files in the ZIP file)
mexican.zip (90K) 319 recipes with a Mexican flavor
mm_greek.zip (103K) 214 Greek recipes (yes Baklava is in here, actually five different versions).
mm_welsh.zip (7.1K) 14 Welsh recipe with names I can't pronounce
mmfilip.zip (6.8K) 12 Filipino recipes for fish, chicken and pork
thai.zip (116K) 248 Thai dishes, including almost 20 for different variations of "Pad Thai"

Grab Bag (about 1,000 each - take a chance...)
mm1000a.zip (289K)
mm1000b.zip (289K)
mm1000c.zip (325K)
mm1000d.zip (329K)
mm1000e.zip (335K)
mm1000f.zip (357K)
mm1000g.zip (322K)
mm1000h.zip (352K)
mm1000i.zip (457K)
mm1000j.zip (349K)
mm1000k.zip (378K)

holiday.zip (110K) 291 Christmas cookie recipes and many many more...

mmmicwv1.zip (10K) 31 recipes ready in minutes...
mmmicwv2.zip (17K) 49 more microwave recipes for speedy cooking

noodles.zip (25K) 520 pasta recipes from "All-American Hot Dish" to "Za Jiang Mein"
sketty.zip (76K) 202 spaghetti sauce and pasta recipes (not just all spaghetti)
spaghett.zip (19K) 50 different spaghetti sauces, using everything from eggplant to garbanzo beans

porkchop.zip (38K) 103 recipes featuring "the other white meat".
porkgr.zip (72K) 159 ground pork recipes including eggrolls and potstickers...
porkroas.zip (8K) 16 ways to prepare a pork roast
porktend.zip (23K) 51 recipes for pork tenderloin starting with "Bourbon And Honey Smoke-Roasted Pork Tenderloin"

chicken.zip (33K) 75 chicken recipes from "Chicken In A Pot" to "Yunnan Steamed Pot Chicken"
chickenb.zip (321K) 750 different ways to prepare chicken breast
turkey.zip (219K) 542 recipes that use turkey in some way (turkey bacon, ground turkey, turkey wings etc)

swordfis.zip (11K) 24 fish recipes that call for firm white fish like swordfish, halibut, bass etc

mmsoup.zip (280K) 860 soup recipes from "A Bag Of Bean Tricks" to "Zuppa Di Vongole".

allrecip.zip (812K) 2923 (now we're talkin') recipes from "Any Flavor Pudding" to "Zuni Vegetable Stew"
beer.zip (191K) 492 recipes that use beer, not recipes for beer
breakfas.zip (61K) 135 different sourdough recipes (including 6 starter recipes)
cburg2.zip (429K) 656 Stephen Ceideburg recipes
cheddar.zip (243K) 722 different recipes that contain Americas Favorite Cheese
cheese.zip (23K) 65 more cheese recipes from "Apple Cheddar Cookies" to "Sunrise Popovers".
chilis.zip (17K) 47 recipes that use chiles, chili powder etc.  Mostly chili recipes but also includes enchiladas and more.
cookbook.zip (363K) 532 recipes from the 1986 Usenet cookbook
curries.zip (113K) 285 recipes that use curry (including recipes to make your own curry mixture)
fruits.zip (7K) 20 fruit recipes (mostly desserts) including "Apple Brown Betty" and "Peach Melba"
garlic.zip (16K) 20 recipes featuring garlic
kids.zip (60K) 205 recipes for kids. Mostly snacks, includes four recipes for play dough too.
londontn.zip (332K) 130 favorite recipes from the London Town Publik House Assembly in Edgewater, MD.
mm_gc_ny.zip (70K) 150 recipes from the great chefs of NY, includes some basic recipes for beginners too.
mm0222-1.zip (33K) 109 various recipes from Channel 1 BBS
mm0222-2.zip (46K) 110 more recipes from Channel 1 from "Asparagus Frittata" to "Wild Rice Amandine En Casserole"
mm2155re.zip (684K) 2152 (it's a biggun) various recipes that make a great basic cookbook file
mmcyber5.zip (50K) 150 recipes from the Cyberrealm BBS (vol. 5)
pizza.zip (150K) 399 recipes for pizzas, calzones and even "Chocolate Pizza" for a complete pizza meal
tacos.zip (90K) 264 taco variations
sides.zip (207K) 603 side dishes, from "A Different Rice Salad" to "Zucchini W/Toasted Almonds"
spam.zip (44K) 193 ways to prepare SPAM (R) including that old favorite "Cantonese Sweet & Sour Spam"
usdafood.zip (14K) 59 recipes from the United States Department of Agriculture FOOD program.

asparagu.zip (114K) 262 recipes (Appetizers, Main Dishes, Pasta, Poultry & more) that use Asparagus.
barley.zip (114K) 178 recipes (Breads, Soups, Casseroles, Cookies, Salads & more) that contain Barley.
brownric.zip (147K) 413 recipes that have something to do with brown rice...
lentil.zip (90K) 234 lentil recipes (high in protein, carbohydrates, calcium, potassium and low in fat).
mushside.zip (25K) 70 recipes that include mushrooms in some manner.
vegsal.zip (8K) 26 vegetable salad recipes
wildrice.zip (37K) 94 different recipes that contain wild rice (if it comes out of a box is it still wild?)

mm_vegan.zip (238K) 721 vegetarian recipes from "Abidjan Cabbage Salad" to "Zucchini W/Toasted Almonds".
mmvegy.zip (9.3K) 19 vegetarian appetizers and soups
vegan2.zip (116K) 319 more vegetarian recipes starting with "African Green Pepper and Spinach".
vegan6.zip (233K) 370 more things to do with vegetables from "A Different Rice Salad" to "Zucchini Quesadillas"

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