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The Shopping List Manager

The shopping list manager allows you to add ingredients from the current recipe (or from all marked recipes) to a shopping list. If you have an entry in the Recalc size field, you will be presented with a dialog box that asks for the number of servings you are preparing. Press the appropriate button and the shopping list dialog box will appear (example above).

The shopping list dialog box is made up of three screens and command buttons. The upper left hand screen contains the ingredients and quantities for the current recipe, the upper right hand screen contains the actual shopping list and the lower half of the screen contains the store and item managers.  While you may have thousands of items in the Item Manager, they can be categorized into about 35 different store categories.  That means that when you add a store to the Store Manager you only need to enter aisle information for the 35 categories instead of for each item.  This makes organizing your stores MUCH easier that it used to be.

To add individual ingredients to the shopping list use your mouse to highlight the ingredient(s) to add then click on the single right hand arrow (>) button and AccuChef will add the ingredient(s) to the shopping list.

Edit the shopping list to add any other ingredients you want. You can highlight text, use cut (Ctrl+X), copy (Ctrl+C) and paste (Ctrl+V) and any other "regular" Windows editing keys. Once you have all of the items added to your shopping list, press the "Process" button and AccuChef will add aisle information to your list, add any like items together and sort it into store aisle order!

If you have entered coupons into the integrated coupon database, you can click on the "Coupons" button and AccuChef will check to see if you have any coupons that might apply to items on your shopping list.  If it finds any it will present you with a list like this:

Items in blue are coupons that may apply to item(s) on your shopping list.  You can click on the "Print Marked" button to print out a list of the applicable coupons so you can retrieve them from your shoebox.  Then click on the "Delete Marked" button to automatically delete the marked coupons from the database.  Coupons are maintained in expiration date order too so you can see which coupons have or are about to expire.  The "Delete Expired" button will automatically delete all coupons that have expired.

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The Editor

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