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The Nutritional Analyzer

The nutritional analyzer uses the supplied nutritional database based on the US Department of Agriculture's Standard Release 28 file of over 10,700 items to analyze 32 different nutritional values.  To perform an analysis on a new recipe, just click on the speedbutton with the scale on it and AccuChef will attempt to automatically link your ingredients with items in the nutritional database.  To do this it uses a list that learns as you use it.  If it can't automatically link an ingredient, use the Find and Find Next buttons (or type in a jump string) to locate the item, then click on the Connect button.  This links the item and updates the internal list so that it can be linked automatically next time.  Once you get the analysis the way you want it, click on the "Add to Recipe" button and AccuChef will append the nutritional analysis (for only the items you've specified) to the bottom of the preparations text.  This feature means that you only have to perform the analysis once, then when you print or export it later the analysis goes along with it.  If you make a change to the recipe later, AccuChef™ will warn you if the recipe contains nutritional data that may be affected so you can re-analyze it.

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